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Rewind Series 3 Episode 6 – Local Steel Industry

Newcastle was known as the steel city, not only for the BHP,

but also for the many and varied industries that manufactured steel products locally.

NBN interviewed BHP Marketing manager Ron Brook in 1970 on the introduction of Steel Frames for the

domestic housing market.

At Comsteel, Australian Nickel was used for the first time.

A crucial element in the creation of Stainless Steel..

At Tubemakers, pipes rolled off the production line….

A new galvanisation process was introduced to help protect the metal from corrosion

and at Australian Wire Industries, massive machines twisted cables on an industrial scale..

From Huge steel girders for bridge construction to the production of wire coat hangers.

NBN covered innovative industries across our region.

It’s the Story of Steel, told through the lens of our early film Cameras..


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