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The result of the AFL grand final is being disputed, with the Lismore Swans and Byron Magpies both believing they won yesterday’s match.

A panel of judges will examine the footage this week, to determine the premier.

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  1. I have been playing with the Lismore Swans since 1992…. the footage seems to clearly show that WE WON THE GAME!! You can see that the umpire’s reaction to the siren is definitely AFTER the ball has been kicked therefore the umpires did not blow the whistle to end the game until the ball was in flight – so the score must stand -the Lismore Swans must be declared the winner…
    25 years in the making….ours for the taking….
    May justice prevail….Byron did NOT win in 2009…
    THANKYOU NBN for being there in our moment of victory to prove to us with video evidence that we, the LISMORE SWANS, are the PREMIERS 2009.
    GO SWANS!!

  2. well i saw the game and didnt see the ball dribble through after the siren, but I did see a team of pretenders lose a grand final, with a 35 point lead in the third quater and the wind in the last I saw a team choke, 25 years in the making. They lost the game and it never should have got to the situation, it did because byron never gave up, were as lismore and especially their sideline started celebrating too early. LISMORE GROW UP THE UMPIRES DECISION IS FINAL AND YOU LOST THE GAME CHOKERS

  3. The camera vision is worth a million words , the ball has been clearly kicked before the hooter, and the game can not be ended while the ball is still moving . Byron players erred in not touching the ball before it went through the goals .

  4. Its a lismore conspiracy who says the video hasn’t been doctered you can clearly here where they have moved the sound bites of the siren, I agree with Mick Lismore choked big time, and by the way where is the footage showing that no byron player touched it chokers


  6. It sounds like you need to accept your team choked and didn’t deseve to win as they couldn’t handle the pressure 35 POINTS UP, and WITH THE WIND IN THE LAST how do you lose that. now Bernie time to accept the umpires decision , sit dowm take a deep breath and relax and realise there always next year just like the last 25 years BYRON ARE THE PREMIERS AGAIN thats about 12 times since that Rolly Barret clown has been around

  7. Hang On Dave, but which umpires decision do i have to accept, the 2 that awarded the game to Lismore or the one who awarded the game to Byron?????? I watched the game closely and didn’t see any one choke . i did see 5 very soft free kicks awarded to Byron / Bangalow RIGHT IN FRONT OF GOAL, So it wasn’t good play or heroics that got the MAGGIES BACK INTO THE GAME??
    Bye the way Dave i’m a founding member of Byron Bay / Bangalow A. F.Club. and i’m calling the rules as they are .I HAVENT got any personality issues with any one in the A.f.L. in the local area !

  8. sounds like you r a poor loser, every one saw lismore choke , they paniked I saw the little kicks in the backline with the resultant turnovers that resulted in byron goals not umpire decisions, your not quoting rules just winging about the umpire decisions, by the way wasn’t the umpire who awared lismore the game as you say a ex lismore player, was he the one who gave the soft decisions , remember the umpires do a job to thee best of their ability, i think you are a poor loser and what happened with you at bangalow did you get kicked out no ones heard of you The main rule is that the umpires decision is final LISMORE CHOKED THEY WERE NOT UPTO THE FINAL PRESSURE THIS IS UNDERSTANABLE AS THEY HAVENT WON A PREMIERSHIP FOR 25 YEARS SO ACCEPT THE FACT bYRON is the team of 2009

  9. hEY Bernie are you the fat loud mouthed cowboy hat wearing lismore supporter that was over celebrating too early YOUI ARE A DISGRACE TO YOUR MOTHER

  10. DAVE- Are you a player for Bryon or just someone on the side line. I am sure if you were a player and this happened to your team you would be doing the same thing we are not CHOCKERS as you say. no one is inflicting any abuse to your team so what makes it right for you to do so. What ever happens happens but it is our right to pusue this issue as you can clearly see the goal umpire awarded the goal (who in actual fact a umpire ) He then walks over the central umpire to discuss the matter and we were then awarded the grand final. Do Bryon want to be the only team in the league!!! We have a great mateship in our club a fantastic commitee we love to play footy as best we can. We are not complaining about the umpires I am sure there were decisions made to both teams that did not seem fair, but that is the way things go. We are insulted to think that we are being abused for just trying to do the right thing. Which is our RIGHT!!!


  12. Dave, speaking of umpires, you claim that one of the TWO umpires that awarded the win to Lismore is an ex lismore player, well doesn’t the ONE umpire who said magpies won( your favoured team obviously), have family members “closely associated” with your players? Wasn’t the time keeper also a byron supporter? I don’t see other people on here trying to use that as a poor excuse. Stop finding excuses to justify what YOU want. How bout you grow up and accept that the ball was kicked untouched through the poles and if you look closely at the footage, you can easily see that the umpires do not call the game off until after the ball is booted. Grow up mate. Hope the outcome is decided soon for everyones sake.

  13. regardless of what the video says… the umpire’s call is final. regardsless of replay, it’s what make our game so much different to cricket !!!
    maybe we should for lismore’s sake bring the 3rd umpire in. the amount of whinging the team does over a normal game about the umpires calls is unheard of in normal leagues.
    pause the game, video ref, green or red for the decision, play on… so easy.
    the umpires call is final….. once again lismore are embarrsing themselves and the future players of their club.

  14. LISMORE SORT YOUR LIVES OUT!!! YOU LOST!!! the video above is different all three times. You’re local media is bias as. You’er sore because you were up all game and lost. Seriously, get over it.

    You’re just not that good.

  15. John, there are always those who feel the need to comment even though they have no idea what is going on. It’s about the rules of the game. Nothing else. Surely you and “i get nude” are intelligent idividuals who can appreciate the complexity of this situation.

  16. john smith????? IT IS NOT ABOUT THE SIREN!!!!! it is about the umpires hands going up in the air to signal the end of a game geez we have been over this read the comments before u add your two cents. we were awarded the win officially before byron and if that decision stuck u would be on here having your say about it i’m sure!!!

  17. It’s seems very clear that the win should be awarded to the Lismore Swans.. I wasn’t a spectator of this match but I have seen the video and listened to the people that were at the match eg Bernie, who from what i have read is telling it like he saw it.. he, from the Byron team side retold exactly what happened… And he says he saw clearly that Lismore should have won..

    May the true winners be awarded victory soon!

  18. where Rolly Barrets comments he usually has a big mouth,, he had his first waffle and then went to bed

  19. good old byron bay another premiership in the cabinet, Lismore accept the loss and the decision and start training again lismore thers always next year

  20. I cannot believe that my friends and I drove all the way from the Gold Coast to watch this tripe.

    Irrespective of the result, I think the unsportsmanlike conduct of that Lismore Club after the match was disgraceful. Firstly, celebrating in the faces of the Byron players and supporters who were already on the ground after they thought they had won was ridiculous, and to then walk off after the Lismore player won the best on ground during the presentation was something Lismore should be ashamed of, no matter how they felt about the result.

    So from now on, does this mean that all matches in the competition are to be videotaped and disputed calls brought into question? I do not know of a single AFL competition in Australia that does it. Maybe in League where the video umpire gets used it is common, but not in AFL, it never has been and by disputing the result via a videotape is not in the spirit of the game. People should be happy a news crew were even there to report the game in the first place.

    Lismore have obviously not thought of the repercussions their actions will have on the game’s image, or their club, which to an unbias lover of the game (go the cats!), now look like they have a bad case of sour grapes. And given their well-known problems they had last year with their drug-affected coach, and players leaving as a result, they need to have a look at how their behaviour is reflected on their club, the game in the area itself, and on the game as a whole that is trying desperately to build in the area.

    I don’t know the rules well enough so I’m not going to pass comment on ‘that’ kick, but, as one person is not bigger than a club as a whole, actions speak louder than words and the display I saw from Lismore on Saturday after the game was rubbish. You had the game won, you lost it. Byron are premiers.

    Move on and prepare for 2010.

  21. WELL SAID MATHEW, i TOO travelled to watch the game having previously lived in the area. Lismore have a track record of being wingers, just watch one of there games, and there celebrations running into byrons celebation just show what a pack of loud mouthed wingers they are, you dont run into the opposing side to celebrate in their face unless u want trouble, and then they turned there backs on presentations was a disgrace, they didnt deserve to win after giving up a big lead.All in all the decision was made on the day and thats it how can you reverse it on a video made

  22. “dave.c on August 31st, 2009 3:24 pm

    Its a lismore conspiracy who says the video hasn’t been doctered you can clearly here where they have moved the sound bites of the siren, I agree with Mick Lismore choked big time, and by the way where is the footage showing that no byron player touched it chokers”

    As I have media experience I’ll enlighten you. The video and audio work on 2 separate tracks in studio.

    Slow Replay 1: Jason Bevan kicks the ball before the siren. Think of this as Video track 1 and Audio Track 1.

    Even Slower Replay 2: Jason Bevan does not even get to touch the ball before the siren sounds. Think of this as Video track 2 but Audio Track 1.

    It is clearly obvious that the audio file used in the second slow motion replay contains the original audio clip used in the first replay.

    Very lazy editing by Channel 9.

    This may be hard for you to understand, but anyone with any tv production experience will tell you the exact same thing.

    Yes I am a Lismore Swans player, however I was left out of the Grand Final team and am as impartial as it gets. I am going to go as far as to say that Lismore’s celebration was immature, lacked humility and was in every way stupid. The celebration should have been about Lismore’s win rather than Byron’s loss. Jumping around in their faces is probably the worst moment I’ve seen in a SAFL game.

    After Byron were awarded the flag, Lismore then chose not to respect the umpires decision and sing their theme song. I was around the playing group and could only walk away.

    I hope this post clarifies the ambiguous nature of the Channel 9 news story. At standard speed straight from the reel it should be obvious the ball was kicked before the siren and the game will probably be handed to Lismore.


    Jeremy Lamberton

  23. And am I the only one to notice that the footage DOES NOT show the ball actually going through the goals?

    If a decision is going to be based solely on the footage that was captured then it firstly does not matter as to when the ball is kicked, or even when the siren sounds for that matter, if it does not show the ball actually travelling through the goals … then what is the point of an appeal? That footage is inconclusive and this appeal is frankly a waste of time and bad for the game.

  24. thanks for that Jeremy, and thats another issue the behaviour of the lismore club at the end of the game, it will not do the club any favours in the future, it was one of the worst examples of poor sportmanship I have seen.
    The case of reversing the official decision of the day based on video isn’t as simple as that
    1. the umpires decision is meant to be final always has been
    2. do we go over the whole game and analyse every decision because its not just the last kick of the day that counts
    3. what about the pitch invasion as the disputed ball was rolling along , did this cause hindrance distraction etc
    4. what rule states a game can be reversed on video evidence , we are not cricket or league

  25. hey dave which umpire’s decision is final? the first one (awarding lismore the win) or the second one(awarding byron the win)???? if what u say is true and the umpire’s decision is final then we won – cause as u say an umpire’s decision cannot be overturned as it is final!!!!!!!!!

  26. Matthew Ball: The ball traveled through the goals clearly untouched (no one was within 5m from what I could see). The goal umpire signaled a goal, and he will report this at the appeal.

    I guess the overall point of appeal from lismore’s point of view is to appeal which final umpire decision should be followed given evidence exists to backup the argument. If the game had been awarded to Byron and only Byron, I doubt it would have gotten this far.

    Dave: Freo vs saints a few years ago at Aurora.

    You know the story – the siren fails to be heard by the umpires with Freo one point in front. Umpires let play go on and the Saints miss, kick a point and draw the scores.

    Four long, painful days later the AFL overturn the result and award Fremantle the four points, only the second time in AFL/VFL history this has been done.

  27. Katie accept that the umpires must have talked at the end of the game and obviously awarded the game to byron who were given the shield by the league so all umpires awarded the game to byron in the end,
    Now what can you say about the Lismore players behaviour, you will says fine i suppose when everyone who witnessed it agree LISMORE IS A DISGRACE they were lucky the incident didnt turn ugly, this showed the character of individuals, a win is about celebrating not running over at the opposing team, it was a hard fought close battle which byron won in the end

  28. Dave lets face it you are obviously biased. I do not go for any team and agree with you that bad sportsmanship is not called for. However it is an unfair call to say Lismore supporters were a disgrace. We were actually commenting on how great their team spirit was compared to Byrons which i’m positive everyone who was there would agree. If you remember Byron were the first to start cheering, as they assumed theyd won, which i’m sure the lismore supporters thought aswell, seeing as they were all quiet obviously devastated. Did you not notice the foul language coming out of the Byron supporters who sprinted towards Lismores support squad tent giving them the finger prancing around right in front of their faces? Oh this must have slipped your mind, because THAT was a DISGRACE. Byron cheered assuming theyd won, from what I noticed it was only after this that the umpire awarded the win to Lismore who then began cheering and all Lismore supporters ran onto the field cheering with them. This was clearly shown in last nights footage. Yes im sure there were a few who ‘were ‘immature and lacked humility”, just like there were a few from Byron, however to be fair I believe any passionate supporter of a team who thought they just lost would not appreciate such acts as those initially coming from Byron supporters and can see why some would retaliate.

  29. that mick is scum, obviously supports the pies
    the swans are the dominate team here
    and mick, the only person choking is you on ur boyfriends junk =D

  30. I do not agree that Lismore were bad sports on the day. I’m sick of all of this crap. The decision will be made and we will all move on, no matter what it is. I would like to add as a point of some balance that I was also appalled by the behaviour of Byron supporters who marched in front of me and a group of other Lismore supporters who were mainly women & small children when they assumed they had won danced around clutching their balls and yelling
    obscenities at us. Surely this kind of behaviour does not help the general relationship between the teams. Oh but I suppose this is Lismores fault too. Looking for someone to blame? Blame the umpires and get off our backs.

  31. is CRAPMAGNA a typical lismore supporter
    is he involved with the team
    doesnt sound too smart
    sounds like a loser
    please stay in lismore

  32. The summerland league needs a huge change of direction, i can see its at the end of the road ,We cant get any local junior players to join up because of too many old slow gutless thugs that are playing here , I helped start up football here in 1977 and we have been here ever since ,but the only way to make our game grow here is for everyone to work together.This brainless mentality of bashing blokes needs to be stamped out immediately, THE UMPIRES MUST GET RID OF THEM ! 4 players in Byron’s team should just retire and do all of us a favour , I’M wasting my time recruiting junior players if all they can see is violence in the local comp, SO my point here is clean up the image from all clubs or we are going to end up not having an A.F.L. comp, in this region . Game day needs to fall in line with the rules of Australian rules football .I E shoes for runners ; proper attire for all on ground staff; 2 timekeepers;and A GROUND MARSHALL; who checks that all rules are adhered to ;runners leave the ground a.s.a.p. ;water carriers dont linger;; I see and here all of these doing the wrong thing ? NO WAY IN THE WORLD WILL I BE SENDING ANY OF MY JUNIORS TO PLAY LOCAL FOOTY UNTILL THE UMPIRES GET RID OF THE THUGS AND THE SUMMERLAND A.F.L AND ALL CLUBS GET OF THEIR ARSES AND CLEAN UP THE GAME HERE . As you can see my name is clearly seen here .I’ve been involved with footy for 48 years and i am appalled by the lack of leadership in this competion. When we started the local comp, we were all mates from the Lismore Roos and we were all striving for the one purpose;;; TO HAVE OUR OWN COMPETITION , we worked together to make it work . it needs to be that way again NOW ! Because if it dont stop there will be no great grand final like last weeks . THE CLOSEST FINISH OF ALL TIME . ABOUT ONE SECOND IN IT .which ever team you support . cheers Bernie

  33. Kylie i cannot resist having my say any longer. Where I sit is that going into the game I said I would be happy for you if you won because there is no doubt that your boys have worked hard and for the most part there is some great guys at the swans. However for your poor treatment by Byron supporters you and your friends made a spectacle of yourselves when you plonked a large tent right on the side of the field (something I have never seen done before) dressed it with swans colours and spent the day drinking and yelling in front of those poor children. There was a man in front of your tent with lismore colours on yelling obceinities at us all day. Sledging is a part of the game so harden up or don’t come!

    Now my partner as you know is a magpie he played for the swans for one season when we moved here from WA we left the club on moral grounds (which we had every right to do) and truth be told because I did not want to be around your couch. So the truth comes out that it had nothing to do with your ex president who worked his arse of to make your club better.

    Since then I have had to sit on the sidelines with friends who I invited to the game and my son and watch his ams held behind him while a friend of your coach punched him in the head (lucky he’s not a good hit or he’d be brain
    damaged) I had to listen to him be called names hit bullied etc. I too have received threating text messages from your players after game day which is going too far. Have you heard any compliants from me!

    I went to you coach to ask him what was going on in a civil manner (before you bring that up) and you complained to the league. And you wonder why everyone calls you whingers!

    Now from where I sit rule 10.4.2 states – Play in each quarter shall come to an end when any one of the field umpires or emergency umps hears the siren.
    Now the video (and may I say there is no video ref in AFL) clearly shows the ump with his hands in the air as you scan around so perhaps it was the umpies job to kill the loose ball.

    I agree with Bernie delaney it was a close game it could have gone either way I congratulated your blokes in the spirit of the game. Clean up your act! and put all this energy to better the game. My suggestion would be go around on game day witha bucket and ask for a $2.00 entry fee fom all the spectators there to enlist the help of out of town impartial umps, I would gladly help.

    And get of the umpie’s back it’s a bloody hard job and if they were’nt there, there would have been no game day at all. I fyou saw them checking the rules in there car then coming back and awarding Byron that prob means they made there decision and the Umpie’s decision is final.

    Now if you really aer sick of this crap then leave this forum fo people who want to discuss the game and don’t respond to me because I could go on all year!

    you are one of the things the league should get rid of wingers it doesnt do the league any good, you seem to think that you aRE some EXPERT, if you are trying to improve the league how can tou make public statements about thugs in the byron lteam, name them you loud mouth, I SAW THE GAME AND DIDN’T SEE ANY THUGS YOUR COMENTS ARE A dISGRACE TYPICAL LISMORE SNIPING
    Well done Bernie you have set a new level in bad sportsmanship
    You imply old gutless blokes bashing other players a SERIOUS CHARGE BERNIE, you better have evidence, I don’t know of any old gutless blokes, sounds like your tripping and just looking at another topic to winge about in typical Lismore fashion

  35. Donna it is not the umpire’s job to “kill a loose ball” that is just stupid. The footage is questionable and inconclusive. What is relevant here is: When did one of the umpires listed in rule 10.4.2 heard the siren? It was my understanding on the day that one of them had heard the siren prior to the ball being kicked and thus why the game was awarded to Byron.

    Jeremy Lamberton – your claims of impartiality are outrageous. You don’t seriously expect anyone to give your view any weight when you try to claim that you were impartial and therefore ambivilant as to the result?

    I was on holiday, did not know anyone playing and had no feeling about the result one way or the other. I just wanted to see a good game. Although the circus at the end was mildly amusing I was shocked and offended by the behaviour of the Lismore players. Their demonstration was one of the worst I have seen in sport. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    If the evidence is, as was my understanding on the day, that the siren had been heard prior to the ball being kicked then Byron win, if not Lismore win.

    This I know for sure: The Lismore players brought shame upon themselves, their town and the whole league. I will give that place a wide berth as long as I live.

  36. GEEEENERAL – Well I’ll tell you boys one thing for sure – I should have been named the best player on the ground, certainly most corageous. Bad siatica yet I played like a titan, that is a level of determination you don’t see every day. I am an inspiration.

    Can’t believe you jokers think you won – I’ve got my medal, I’ve had my party – nobody can take that away.

    Lismore are just about the worst carni folk I’ve ever seen, take a leaf out of my book of courage, maybe you’ll get over the line for a flag one day.

    Can’t believe all this stupid carry on. Jeremy you are an idiot, absolute moron.

  37. Time we all suck the peace pipe here.
    Supporters of both sides, and the above contributors, have shown they are passionate about their footy which is great. Lismore’s efforts with the banner and tent were great for the atmosphere and the collection of spectators round the Byron huddles really pumped us up and was the best Ive seen.
    Bernie, I take your advice man…Ive retired. But I do disagree that it’s a thugs league. There was no send offs, behind the play snipes….or anything untoward. To be honest out on the field the game was in pretty good spirit. It’s a small league and most of us guys can all run into each other round the traps, have a chat and laugh about what happens out there.
    Lismore had some standout performances, George earned his medal, Brucey was solid. On our side Evan’s last quarter heroics were gold, Bullock bros great in the centre, the General was tough (though he may still be coming down from the weekend) and Karim showed us all how to take a crunch kick. I thought the umps did a good job, remember they do this to give something back and they don’t have training how to deal with these events – after 3 days and we’re all still debating it attests to how strange this is!!
    Great roost regardless Ox (you had a great game)……..just a tad late.

  38. the GENERAL are you one of the old slow gutless thugs Bernie refers too, as you are a stalwart of byron been around for years a legend of afl the ablett of byron (lol)

  39. whatever happens as the general has said the parties over, Lismore remember Byron players ran past the ball they could have touched it easily if they thought it had been kicked before the siren , they didn’t as the umpire had given yhe all over rover, so really lismore if you think you won your dreaming, the players could have touched it easily, so the win you claim is on a technicality not about the game that was played, you lost it from 35 pts up in the third get over it

  40. Donna, my point was this:
    Lismore seems to be copping a lot of crap on this forum over only wanting a fair outcome, either way.
    I absolutely appreciate that the job of the umpire is unbelievably hard, however the decision making on that last particaular incident has quite obviously created alot of heartache on both sides. I was simply pointing out that instead of using this forum to bag out individuals or respective teams, we use it to discuss the rules. Perhaps that did not come across.
    I am well aware that sledging is part of the game, thankyou, I only brought that up,if you remember, you can read it again”as some point of balance” for all of those who had commented on the”bad sportsmanship of lismore”, I felt it needed to be said as an example, and in order to level the field.
    We are well aware of why you guys left, that topic is beside the point of this forum, so is the other issue(which by the way,I never intended to bring up).
    As far the punching incident, I have nothing to say, why would I? That has nothing to do with me, although I was extremely surprised that you would think that it was orchestrated, Donna, there was nothing in it. As far as name calling etc goes, sledging is part of the game, as you know.
    I’m glad we showed you something new with the tent, it’s nice to do something different once in a while and we wanted our boys to hear their supporters presence on both sides of the field, as we knew there would be alot of people there. It was a big day for our side and that’s what we were there for. The yelling is called supporting, and most of the children were joining in and having fun, we had eskys with food & drink and yes some supporters did have a few alcoholic beverages, however I was not one of them.
    Donna, I have no interest in the he said, she said to & fro, never have, never will. I don’t believe this is the appropriate forum to air any old grievances,as far as I’m concerned the past is the past and if you still have issues or concerns feel free to call me directly to discuss, although I really hope you are able to try to put behind you all of the negative stuff, as I guess I would prefer not to re-live it.
    I will agree that both sides played amazingly, which is what made for the fantastic atmosphere, until the end.

  41. The above comments from “the general” were in fact not from him. In response to his urging I retract the comments in relation to lismore and jeremy, I am sorry.

    A shame they proved the impitus for XXX to have a go at the real general’s character.

    The views expressed were my own personal beliefs not the man known as “general”


  42. jeez james you sounded like the GENERAL never one to shy away from talking it up, what is he getting shy in his old age

  43. Charlie – perhaps my bias can be questioned.

    But in my post read both the fact and the opinion. You will see clearly I believe Byron to be the deserved winner. Although it may be handed to Lismore on technicality.

    How could I be any more impartial?

    This video was shown on the Footy Show last night if anyone else caught it. Sam Newman sided with Lismore.

  44. Well xxx, I do know “The General” quite well, the only way I was going to be able to come off as him was to talk it up. He was far from happy with being imitated. Although my behaviour was childish his anger has only made it funnier for me

  45. Well what an education, I had always wondered what clueless clown set up the culture in this league. Bernie Delany thanks for putting your hand up, what 4 teams last year 5 this, no reserve teams, national laughing stock (now) and a culture unfit for juniors to come up into. I don’t surpose when you were setting up rules like what clothes the runners wear, you happened to add something about using a video to decide a match?? You are however right, the culture needs to change, one without narcissitic self serving hasbeens. You stuffed it once, don’t repeat your mistakes. We need a culture that doesn’t include morbidly obese clowns abusing opposition waterboys and medical staff for an entire game. What were you thinking? Let a culture develop along the lines of that set by the people that counted on Saturday, the players- who during the game were a credit to both sides.

  46. Clearly a swans victory by the letter of the law. The ball was kicked during play, before the umpire had blown time off, unless the ball is touched the ball is stil ‘live’. It then rolled through for a goal. All Byron had to do was touch it, which they didn’t. A clear Swans victory by the letter of the law.

    I don’t find that surprising that their are still ‘old king hitting thugs’ still playing for Byron. They had several behind the play cowards when i was playing in the summerland comp. It is a real shame for the young kids coming through the junior ranks. They need to tidy up their backyard.

  47. Matty Moore, You should of been at the game no fights, no king hits, no send offs, no reports just a good game of football by both clubs till the contreversal end. Who are these king hit thugs, sounds like you are just having alittle bitch

    JEALOUSLY IS A CURSE and yes other clubs do have a right to be jealous about the number of priemierships won, but sledging like this is cowardly and untrue

    Bernie Delany Stef made a good point you say your been inviolved since 1977 in setting up the league, well mate you haven’t done a good job. As an example for juniors lose some weight and control your obsenities that come from your mouth on game day. I cetainly wouldn’t allow my son anywhere near you.

  48. My question is if byron are awarded the game will lismore cop it on the chin or whinge for the next 10 years?
    wasting time and energy boys as per usual.
    Had the game won ,got to follow through ,get the score on the board then nothing else matters.pretty simple really.

    I saw the game,great game of footy.Played in great spirit ,no nasty incidents.
    whos xxxx?? He sounds like he has had a few too many. Get your boots on put your money where your mouth is.Love guys like you and any other supporters thinking there so important dribbling crap on the sidelines .,theres nothing more inspiring,keep it up.

    Had a look at the video, siren goes, ox ball in hand,siren stops,ox drops ball on boot,game over.byron win,again.

    everyone is entitled to there opinion,even sammy newman.

    all i know is im looking forward to next year,

    see you on the track boys.

  49. as a spectator who witnessed a great ,hard game of afl its a shame its come to can debate why lismore frittered away there lead it matters not when the final siren my opinion they were the team in front ,lismore swans,how the bryon players could just watch the ball bounce through with no effort to stop it,beggers believe,but they did.even if they believed the game over they should have covered there bases,as i left the game a young family of clearly bryon suporters said to me,lismores won.they appeared dissapointed,but coudnt believe the carry on.i do have sympathy for the umpires as its a thankless task,but i thought they had done a good job.

    Lismore how could you entertain the idea you would be premiers, IF BYRON PLAYERS THOUGHT OTHERWISE THEY WOULD HAVR TOUCHED THE BALL

    and as usual they carried on like the wingers we all know them to be, with loud mouthed know all like Bernie, you didn’t do your club any favours and we all in the league know we will here how they were robbred for years
    aNYONE WHO SAW THE GAME SAW lismore choke and lose the game
    bring on 2010

  51. after being a former umpire on the central coast.
    i have watched a few games this year & the same 2 umpires were present.
    i am not surprised that they stuffed up the decision on the day.
    the standard i saw from these 2 umpires was under 15 level.
    surely the 2 centre umpires & the goal umpire in question should have confered in the middle & made a decsion before they walked off the field which would have been the final decsion.

  52. they did, the goal umpire did not signal a goal,
    they awarded the game to Byron

  53. Winners are grinners, Byron Bay are premiers and its official. ALFQ decided yesterday. Lismore must officially apologise to the Byron Club or be damned.


  55. i used to play in the safl this is a sad day for the league . As a Victorian the game of AFL in Victoria will move on in leaps and bounds but in the state of NSW they have yet to grasp the fact AFL is the best game in the world. Its the small leagues like the SAFL that are putting AFL out there for the kids to have a chance to grow up with the best game in the world. So as much as winning a flag means after a 20 odd week battle with rivel clubs come down to one last game i ask can you all put pride and power aside and move on to the year 2010 shake hands with heads held high lismore. and congratulate the maggies on a great game of footy and try keep the fragile league in a state that the kids can be proud to be part of and not run back to that mindless game of rugby league. I know it will be hard to just give up the flag but if you no you won then you won so let byron have it and go out stronger next year. and congrats george on your BOG

  56. You’re all embarrassing yourself here with your immaturity. Just really confirming what people think of those from smaller towns and the arrogance of people from NSW in general. Good work.

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