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In some more positive news for the Mariners…new signing and former Premier League player Jem Karacan has finally arrived on the Central Coast. The 28-year-old, who will play the remainder of season with the club… and already knows a few faces, having played with Kalifa Cisse and against assistant coach Nick Montgomery, overseas. “I was captain of Reading Football Club, captain of Bolton and the youth sides of Turkey, hopefully I’m a leader and hopefully I can show the lads on and off the pitch about being a good professional.” – Jem Karacan Karacan is expected to make his debut in Round 17, against Melbourne Victory. (AUDIO ONLY IN PARTS)  

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Depending on whether you like reptiles or not – the vision you’re about to see could be the stuff of nightmares. An extremely rare two-headed lizard has been handed in to keepers at the Australian Reptile Park. The baby blue tongue lizard was found by a member of the public – it has three eyes and two functioning mouths. It’s probably more common in reptiles to have joined heads then it ever would be in a mammal, but I have seen a couple primarily in snakes though, but this is definitely the first Eastern Blue Tongue with two heads, so when it turned up I got a bit of a shock. The lizard, named “Lucky” will now live out his reptile years at the wildlife sanctuary. (AUDIO ONLY IN PARTS)

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