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Australia’s longest-ever freight train is tonight in the final stages of a journey from the North West to the Port of Newcastle.

The 1.3-kilometre train – filled with more than 5,000 tonnes of wheat – is twice the size of the average freight hauler… a move designed to reduce production costs for growers

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  1. “The longest freight train to ever grace the rails in Australia..? Someone didn’t do their homework, the coal trains that run on the same rails in the hunter valley that this exact train ran on into the port, handle trains that size if not bigger every day.

    Do a quick google search of longest train in Australia, the first few results should show an iron ore train in Western Australia which makes this grain train look like a toy set.

    Nice footage though..

  2. Rejoice.. this means that the harvest was productive ! I know people will whinge at every level crossing, but who cares! This is an Australian export, not another import ! Well done our ag’ workers !

  3. Hmmm, longest *grain* train maybe, but FAR from the longest freight train. Other media where I saw this story got this right.

  4. Gets 124 b doubles off the road… umm the tippers cart it from farm to silo.. All so why dont they say can only run on 1 line cause majority or rail track out there has not been maintained at all and is unsafe and what is useable can only carry the 48class loco.. nothing but a slow news day…

  5. I was just thinking the same thing !
    The coal trains that come through willow tree are much longer we’ve counted up to 57 carriges before and that’s not the longest

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