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Members of the Githabul nation have gathered south of Kyogle today to protest the Cedar Point Quarry development.

They spent the day celebrating the importance of a sacred site for men – before it’s destroyed.

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  1. I attended the sacred fire action at Cedar Point
    Hall yesterday and was humbled and proud to
    be standing in solidarity with the Original people of
    this country. Their grasp of the political nuances
    and knowledge of ancient unchanging lore
    clearly demonstrates their determination
    to protect the environment for the welfare
    of all of us. I hope we have the courage and
    wisdom amongst the rest of us to listen and follow
    their their lead & support this action.

  2. I was at the Cedar Point gathering and was humbled by the passion and integrity of the Githabul People in the defense of the country that they belong to. An honour to be there. I urge the Kyogle Council to voluntarily change its policy and stop the quarry from going ahead.

  3. I wish the Githabul people Spiritual hope in protecting your Sacred sites of your country here on Mother- Earth, I know journey your people are about to go on to protect that Willa ( rock ) at all levels of Government Shire Councils, State Government, Federal Government , and persons who jump for these Governments, for they are the destroyers of the Dreamtime, they will play with your mind to weaken your spirit, Thats why the Githabul people and their supporters must be one. Because when you lose that special place, its gone forever, from you, your family, your children, your Grandchildren, your tribe. What happened at Bulahdelah was wrong, and it hurts, dont let it happen to your Sacred Sites. worimi-wUrUbUng…

  4. The reason the Crowns’ agents are trying to do all these deals now is because they are fully aware the lid has been blown off the Crown governance scam and all of their little tin soldiers will be facing the music shortly….

    Time to start putting dozers and 4X4s’ through their sacred sites and cemeteries and let THEM scream for a change….

    What is good for the goose ?

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