An 11th hour bid is underway to stop next week’s aerial cull of brumbies, at the Singleton Army Base.

A Hunter Valley group says if the practice is reintroduced, the wild horses will face a traumatic death.

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  1. Get a grip. The World is watching. Persecution of a Nations treasures, who time anfter time are having to fight for survival, is evil. Show some respect to Nature and learn to co habit with our shared species. Stop this right now and manage humanly . Foals can be rehomed.

  2. Please do this cruel inhumane act to our Australian Brumbies. Their forefathers fought for you and this country they call home.

  3. Horse cull mmm what about the kangaroos on the corner of the golden highway and range road near the army barracks you can count over 30 of a night time and very dangerous for motor vehicles and wasent there a motor cycle acident there recently and the defence forse should take responsability because they live on army land during daylight hours more dangerous than horses and the defence forse should not have let the horse population get as large as it in the first place and they are better off culling on foot or dont we have snipers any more ,oh thats right we are not allowed common scence anymore !!!

    • For those who do not wish to drive into/over native animals there is an easy solution.
      $7 at Auto Cheap or other outlets will provide you with a pair of Sonic Animal Guards. Place them on the front grill of your automobile. High frequency when travelling over 50kms will alert animals/birds & they will move out of the way.

  4. Please please don-t cull these beautiful horses. There are wonderful people out there who will ensure their freedom instead of pet food.
    And are willing to keep them safe and train them…to be accepted and helped. Please minister please let them be taken care of by those who care…whaler mix from the wars. They helped save us let them be saved a special place for them.

    Merry christmas to all
    Happy new year

  5. Why hasn’t there been more media exposure of this proposed horrific event?

    I have been a Liberal voter all my life – I am now 76! I realise I have few years of life ahead of me but during those years, whilst of sound mind, I will never vote Liberal for State of Federal Government. Hopefully there will be others who feel the same way!

    I am not sure how those involved in the proposed massacre – from decision-makers sitting behind their faux wood desks, with their plastic ball-point pens, to those actually conducting the massacre, including the operators of the company supplying the helicopter/s and the pilots of same can live with themselves. Not great role models for Australia’s youth!

  6. Re the Brumby culling at Singleton army base.

    Surely the military, Mr Pyne & Mr Fawcett will rethink their this wholesale slaughter of the horses.

    There is always a better way – there are many skilled & experienced groups & individuals who will work tirelessly to put a plan on the table to remove these animals from the Singleton army base.

    What does it cost to halt this kill & allow organisations to work a plan??

    While aerial slaughter killing fleeing terrified horses from a helicopter with semi automatic guns is NOT the answer nor solution.

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