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The Federal Member for Robertson has revealed she’s battling a debilitating and unusual illness.

Lucy Wicks says chronic inflammatory response syndrome can leave her bedridden, simply because she walked into the wrong building.

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  1. http://www.survivingmold.com/

    Mold Warriors by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker
    Gateway Press 2005

    Chapt. 23
    Mold at Ground Zero for CFS

    History Doesn’t Remember the Names of the Critics

    The history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) begins in Incline Village, Nevada in 1985. In the medical history of CFS, each of the concepts applies–failed theories and failed criticism.
    One victim, Erik Johnson, told everyone who would listen that mold was a cause of CFS. He came up with his theory at the wrong time in the politics of medical opinion, as a unknown viral cause was blamed instead. Johnson tried repeatedly to get the attention of leading CFS researchers then and now to look at what he knew about mold sensitivity. None of the heralded CFS researchers would listen.
    Twenty years passed before Erik’s mold opinions were vindicated. I wasn’t in Incline Village; I have no idea what really happened there.
    I don’t see any proof that anyone recorded a biotoxin history. Was mold the problem? One part of the problem? Did the virus of Incline Village unveil mold susceptibility? No one can say now.
    Erik remains upset that his ideas weren’t respected. I haven’t heard the Incline Village story from the side of the docs involved. From what I’ve seen, physicians like Dr. Peterson and Dr. Cheney remained true to a standard of high-quality, compassionate, ethical care.
    Erik raises some important points, however. There’s never any time that we can afford to ignore insights from those who have a valid experiential basis for their opinion.

  2. Even if we have an opinion or something to say about this even if were healing will never get better will never be the same again I never will and I can only speak for myself but look at the people that have been affected by mold and have chronic fatigue syndrome their lust for life is gone nothing ever comes back it’s a battle we fight and never win

  3. Every day you hear someone saying you can be well how can you be well if you’ve lost everything how can you be well if you have no money to buy protocols how can you be well if you can’t even sleep anywhere in your head hurts constantly in her sick to her stomach how can you be well if you can’t even afford to go to the right kind of doctor how can she say this no you can’t and then you give up

  4. Or if your muscles and fascia are so inflamed, malnourished, toxic and dehydrated that they hardened and tighter around you until you could barely move or breathe. Your spine in so strangled by them that all you feel is torturous pain everywhere. You can barely digest any food and your body reacts to almost all of it in an autoimmune fashion. What if you can’t find safe ground and you can work anymore. What if CSM doesn’t work for you and all the comorbid conditions have incompatible treatments that make each other worse. Sometimes I feel I need to except the one ancient evil I just couldn’t vanquish. Lived with it for years without knowing, then it quickly devoured me. Muscles like bones. I held out hope. I fought. I lost just about everything like the rest. Understanding is the one thing lacking that you need the most. Makes me want to use the rest of my medical fund to go see Yosemite before I’m too debilitated to do anything. Some of us are just too severe, I suppose. Some lose themselves.. No one should get to that point where they are an alien in their own world.. They need to bring awareness so no one needs to get to this point.

  5. That certainly did not do justice… One will have no clue until one has experienced it. The more time spent in a WDB the more the damage the more chance of autoimmune diseases to set in. Not to mention the isolation the inhumane treatment by some an the financial concerns for the commoners. Its a life changing experience an nobody woyld want me to go inro gross detaisl here.

  6. She must be able to afford a good doctor.
    I am sure mine would have just said it was a stress response from the tree falling through the house & its all in your head. Oh how good would it be to have the money to buy the right answers.
    Lucy you are one of the lucky ones.

  7. Yes, lucy, i have heard of this. A friend of mine, now deceaced, who lived at terrigal lived in a very damp house with no damp course. Every time her grandkids stayed at her place,they all suffered bronchial type symptoms. I myself stayed with her for a couple of nights,and eac time i did i had similar symptoms. I noticed that my pillow was damp and had mould onit,and i also noticed that the contents of her linen cupboard were damp. I googled the condition and i found out about a condition caused by ongoing damp and mould,called:farmers lung”. Spores similar to ergot,(from which absinthe used to be made) lodge in the lungs,and grow there. It is not kind regards,bronchial but mirrors bronchial symptoms.maybe this is what you have? Not surof the treatment,if this is what you have got e kind regards, maia russell

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