1. NBN needs to teach their journalists how to mix audio properly in the editing software.

    Most of the audio only comes out of the left channel.

  2. Merriwa isnt rebuilding its train line, it will only have a railway museum and that has been said by the management team in the past in many discussions. The cost is prohibitive and they are other issues which will ensure that it is unlikely to ever happen. There is a lack of volunteers which is restricting many project plans from moving ahead.

  3. At other NSW heritage railway sites the working volunteers are wearing PPE / orange vests as required under OHS and rail safety laws. Why arent any of the Merriwa railway society volunteers wearing PPE gear around a railway yard and track? Why is there a lack of safety awareness at Merriwa?

  4. I doubt the merriwa society will go far with its plans, as everyone avoids it on the railpage forum. It lacks money and people who can run it effectively.

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