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The RSPCA has come under fire from a dog rehabilitation expert, for adopting a new policy.

Nathan Barnes claims the guidelines will result in more animals being euthanased, but the RSPCA says that’s not the case.

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  1. I am concerned about this new RSPCA policy. Some dogs require a longer period with someone like Nathan, some less. I think any dog rescue organisation would agree.

    I think the RSPCA needs to provide evidence re dogs taken back into the Shelter after a period of socialisation with a carer. How many got homes as a result of behaviour modification. How many were killed. And why.

    We are a long way behind the UK Dogs Trust, where NO dogs are killed. They are re-homed or they are very well looked after at a Dogs Trust facility for life.

  2. I have seen Nathans work, I have worke with Nathan. The RSPCA does not know the animals like Nathan does, The RSPCA staff are just people looking for a pay check, Nathan has a genuine interest in saving and training animals

  3. For far to long the RSPCA has been a law unto its self, wasteing huge amounts of money and they should be made accountable.

    People donate to the RSPCA in the believe that they save animals, they do save some, BUT many, many more are killed that are rehomable.

    Thousands of dogs and cats are rescued and rehomed by small groups of people and IMO they do what the RSPCA fails to do year in and year out.

    Put some of their many millions ( 17.000 000 public donations) in doing wide spread desexing, shutting down puppy mills and saving the animals that they exist for.

    But would they put themselved out of a job, me thinks NOT.

  4. Thank you again NBN for helping 3 years ago to alert the public. Still waiting for the RSPCA evidence that these changes would save lives? Eliza up for any more comments, attempting to educate the public? SBS insight filmed in 2012 “the tail end” NOW PROVEN that animals are still dying and these “new” policy’s have no positive affect. Please read the NSW RSPCA and DPI media statements regarding rescue groups from 2010 until now… They need help and someone else to be able to give them guidance (ANY rules and laws, freedom of information act, open legal costs, travel, wages etc, would be proactive start) and assistance for the areas NOT being improved for over 10 years I am personally been aware and involved with. Kill rates still at 50% plus or minus. % WOW no improvement and dealing with life and death.

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