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‘One of the state’s worst alleged bestiality offenders’ charged after online profile found

A New South Wales man police allege is “believed to be one of the biggest self-producers of online bestiality content in the state” has been charged with multiple offences.

In February 2024, strike force detectives executed search warrants across the greater Sydney area targeting the online sharing and promotion of child abuse material, which led them to the online profile of a user under the pseudonym “Beast Boy”.

Police allege “Beast Boy” had a large online presence and used encrypted messaging apps to share bestiality material, which investigators claim featured the sexual abuse of various animals such as dogs, sheep, goats, chickens and a dead kangaroo.

NSW Police have charged a man with multiple bestiality offences. (NSW Police)

About 7.30am yesterday, police executed a search warrant in Moorland, about 30km north of Taree, where they arrested a 38-year-old man.

A dog, who was identified as one of the animals allegedly sexually abused, was seized by the RSPCA NSW.

Police also seized electronics and hard drives which will be subject to further forensic examination.

The man was charged with multiple bestiality-related offences and child abuse material offences, with more charges expected.

He was refused bail and appeared in court yesterday.


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