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Westfield operator to waive a week’s rent for tenants after attack

Bondi Junction Westfield operator Scentre Group will waive rent for all retail tenants between Saturday, April 13, and Friday, April 19.

The rent-free period covers the days between the deadly stabbing spree that saw six people killed last Saturday, and businesses re-opening tomorrow.

The announcement came shortly before the Westfield doors will open at 11am today for a “day of reflection”.

Bondi Junction Westfield will re-open today for a day of “reflection”. (9News)

There will be no retail trade today, but the public will be welcome to enter.


“We have been very considered in our plans to reopen the centre in a way that’s respectful to the victims, their families and all in the community grieving,” Elliot Rusanow, CEO of operator Scentre Group, said yesterday.

“There will be no retail trade (on Thursday), instead the centre will be open for members of the community to visit the centre, to walk through the centre, and to pay their respects.”

The Westfield has been closed since a deadly stabbing attack by Joel Cauchi, 40, on Saturday.

Six people were killed and a dozen more hospitalised, including six that still remain under care.

A mass of tributes has accrued outside. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Cauchi was shot dead by NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott, who entered the shopping centre alone after hearing reports of the attack.


Police finalised their crime scene earlier this week but the shopping centre has since remained closed.

A sea of floral tributes and other memorial objects has piled up outside as people pay their respects to the victims.

Rusanow said yesterday the centre would open today between 11 am and 5 pm with a section of the centre reserved for flower and wreath laying.


During that time “quiet settings” will be in place, the centre will not play music and a “black ribbon” symbol will be displayed instead of advertising to honour the victims.


Rusanow said trading will resume on Friday for retailers who choose to reopen with an increased security presence at the centre.


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