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Rewind Series 3 Episode 9 – Fire & Rescue

Our thanks to the Glamx Lab of University of Newcastle and The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia for digitising our early years.

Fire and Rescue services play an essential role in saving lives, property and the environment.

In 1965 NBN News attended a demonstration day at Cooks Hill Fire Station, organised to educate local residents.

Participants were offered valuable knowledge and hands-on training.

In 1970, local school students were given a similar experience.

Specialist fire fighting equipment and methods of rescue were on display including this Swedish made power saw used to gain access to burning buildings.

in Greta the bush fire brigade gave a demonstration of a new flame resistant fabric, produced at Bradmill industries to make protective overalls and in Morpeth, long service medals were presented to volunteers during the opening of their new fire station.

We’re proud to recognise the efforts of local firefighters and we honor our brave heroes, who risk their lives everyday in protecting our community.

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