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Rewind Series 3 Episode 11 – RAAF Williamtown

Our thanks to the Glamx Lab of University of Newcastle and The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia for digitising our early years.

The need to defend Newcastle from attack during World War 2, led to the development of Williamtown RAAF base.

The Harbour and steelworks were strategic targets, and protection was crucial.

During the early years of NBN News, our film cameramen were often at the base covering visits by dignitaries and International Air Force VIPS, and on occasion gaining an insider’s view of planned tactical maneuvers and training exercises.

The 1960’s also saw a technological leap in capability with the introduction of the Mirage Supersonic Jet fighter.

French made, they were an essential part of Australia’s air defense capabilities.

Other aircraft seen at the time included this Canadian made Caribou,
and 2 British made Vulcan Bombers .

These delta wing jet powered Vulcans had just completed exercises in Darwin before a visit to Williamtown..

The English pilots were given a friendly welcome…. Australian Style..

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