Brave ovarian cancer advocate and ABC broadcaster Jill Emberson has passed away after a four-year battle with the disease.

Jill, 60, passed away overnight. A statement was released on her family’s behalf on Friday morning.

“Jill died peacefully last night at home surrounded by loved ones. Ken and Malia were holding hands with her in her final moments. She was aware of the love around her and was not in pain.

Jill was a fearless campaigner for ovarian cancer , a brilliant journalist; broadcaster; beloved wife, fierce mother; friend to many. She worked tirelessly all her life to call out injustice; make the world a better place. Jill put ovarian cancer firmly in the mind of Australians and her successful advocacy will save the lives of countless women in the future. She started the social movement Pink Meets Teal which lobbies for cancer funding fairness.

Jill was an inspiration to everyone who knew her, and her love; care for her dearest was extraordinary . We’ve all cried bucketloads of tears; don’t know when we will stop. Details of a memorial service will be announced in the next few days.”

Jill was the voice of ABC Radio Mornings in Newcastle for seven years, before her diagnosis almost four years ago.

Her inspirational fight created the Pink meets Teal movement and resulted in $20-million of Federal grant money for ovarian cancer research.

Jill was the City of Newcastle’s 2019 Citizen of the Year. Lord Mayor Nuatai Nelmes paid tribute saying “Jill was an incredible fighter, journalist and Novocastrian, and her legacy raising awareness and much needed funds for ovarian cancer research and advocacy lives on.”

Jill is survived by her husband Ken and daughter Malia.

(Photo courtesy ABC)