The daughter of former NSW premier Neville Wran has allegedly been caught with drugs and stolen goods, less than three years after she was released from prison.

Harriet Wran, aged 30, was charged after police stopped her car at a North Wyong service station at 1.30am on Wednesday and allegedly found laptops, mobile phones and credit cards and a large amount of mail.

Drug paraphernalia and a small quantity of a crystal substance were also found inside the car, police say.

A man who ran from the vehicle as police approached has not been found.

Wran left jail in September 2016 after serving more than two years for her role in the robbery and murder of Sydney drug dealer, Daniel McNulty.

She was given a maximum four-year term for the August 2014 murder, as well as the additional offences of robbery in company, and harbouring her killer boyfriend afterwards.

During the court case, Wran spoke of how her charmed life as a private school girl and well-heeled socialite crumbled.

She said she was an ice user at the time of the murder.

She’s been granted bail to appear at Wyong Local Court on April 3.