A Newcastle man is fighting back from a devastating rare illness that left him paraylsed from the eyes down.

Martin Broad has spent more than a year in hospital, and now, as movement slowly returns to his body, he faces another hurdle – getting home.

Hear his harrowing story, and of the community effort to get Marty back to his young family.

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  1. Awesome to see you’re doing so well Marty….i enjoyed our conversations in Rankin Park it help me through what I went through was awesome to meet you it’s good to see that you’re doing so well and hope that you get home soon
    Good luck with the NDIS I hope that you have a raft and a team of people that will work on this for you it is not easy to navigate the NDIS once you are at home
    Looking so well good luck in the future mate

    • Hey Martin & Amanda – it’s Cath Smith from SFX!! I just saw this on FB and wanted to wish you all the best for your recovery. My husband had this in his mid 20’s so he knows what you’re going through. He had the flu just before it happened to him. All the best to you all for a speedy recovery. Cheers Cath Alston ?

  2. It is so good to see how far you have come Martin as I looked after you on the ward at JHH! It is so good to see people you care for make such a great improvement! All the best and I hope you get home soon to that beautiful family. Keep up the hard work as it does pay off!

  3. Its great that you still have your sense of humour in such a long health battle. Such an amazing supportive wife and family and im so glad that will soon be home to enjoy all the wonderful moments with your beautiful boys. Wishing you all the best. Xx

  4. Lots of love and positive thoughts to you and your family Marty…you have been an inspiration to all . You have an amazing family. We are here for you , love michelle and bronte xxxx

  5. Power on Martin you can beat it mate. I’m 33 and I had it earlier this year and spent 2.5 months in hospital. I was lucky to beat it quickly and doctors where shocked.
    I’m back to full health now and all in 4 month. It can be beaten champion. Don’t give up.
    Get home to you’re family.

    All the best.

  6. Best wishes for the future.
    I know all about the long road to recovery from GBS, I was diagnosed in 2004 and like you I was paralyzed from neck down. Fortunately after 9 months of little progress, the physiotherapist put in the hydropool, and it was the single biggest help to my recovery.
    Within 3 months I was walking with A frame walker, then crutches.
    Even though I still have residual affects, due to axonal damage, I’m walking.
    Hopefully the hospital social worker and occupational therapist can put you in contact with district occupational therapist and you are granted funds for ramp and bathroom modifications.
    And there is a place called ‘Extra care’ which provides help with showering at home.
    Don’t give up hope.

  7. Hello Martin, this brings back so many memories. I was just like you, some 22 years ago. I had an acute case of GBS at the age of 40. I was in RPA Hospital Sydney for 6 months. That included 110 days in ICU. It was a long emotional experience….totally bizarre. Fully aware of what was going on, but totally palalysed, again like you, I could see, blink my eyes, I could hear, that’s it…..the rest a ” vegetable “.
    Like Robert Banks ( above message ) the use of a hydropool was the turning point in my endless phsyio.
    I hobbled out of hospital after 6 months, then with constant phsyio and determination at home, after say 3 years I was on the move to normality.
    I would love to visit you Martin ( and your wife ) at your Rehab Hosp. I’m a couple of hours drive away.
    I did leave a message with the nurses re my name and contact numbers.
    Listening to positive thoughts from other recovered GBS sufferes does help.
    Keep up the hard work, NEVER give up !!

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