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Residents at Lake Munmorah fear council endorsement of a nudist beach, will attract lewd behaviour to the area.

But nudists say they’re willing to work with the community to clean up the beach, as well as perceptions of going au naturel.

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  1. It was a freezing morning down on the beach, hence only 6 of us foolhardy (foolish?) dedicated nudeys fronted up 🙁

    We had planned to host a free BBQ after the filming but the weather kyboshed that!… I ended up with an eski full of sausages and several loaves of bread.

    After the filming we retreated to one of the locak Nudey’s homes to warmup in his outdoor spa (in the rain) my toes felt like they were frost bitten… I must be getting old, even though I live in the Blue Mountains I still feel the cold on the extremities 🙁

    Oh well we will try again in the warmer weather and get some sort of sporting activity like nude cricket as they do on Samurai Beach near Nelson Bay… may even convince my wife to join me, but it will have to be very warm (she only gets naked if it’s higher than about 30C) and not too much of an early start as she likes her weekend sleep in’s 🙂

    Poor Georgina, when the filming was being set up on the beach she was shivering under a blanket…

    So keep an eye out for developments on a public nude sports type event on Birdie Beach, I will be posting details as they come to hand on my various Nudism outlets on Facebook/Twitter/my website 🙂






    Michael Connolly aka “Nudeyman”

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