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A cruise ship terminal in the Broadwater will cost the Gold Coast all its marine life.

That’s the bold prediction from maverick independent MP Bob Katter – on the Coast today, speaking out against the project.

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  1. I cant believe Mayor Tom Tate said 80% of the people want a cruise ship terminal when all the surveys have shown over 70% of people oppose it.

  2. To make the Southport Seaway fit for international cruiseships will require dredging to depths that in a storm surge situation will put most of Broadbeach Waters Mermaid Waters Florida Gardens and Many other places under water.
    This is fact.
    Most people are not against development even on a grand scale build a Super Yaucht facility Casino and the rest there will be no cruise ship terminal.
    Hear us on this Tom Tate because if this Threat of our family homes going under water continues for much longer there will be a mobilisation of old long term local people you will regret ever upsetting.

  3. Lets put an end to Mayor Tom Tate’s obscured truths that 80% of the Gold Coast population want the cruise ship terminal. The reality is Mayor Tate the people quite clearly don’t want the cruise terminal that you are proposing.

    In regards to Luke Johnston comment above he is 100% true and correct in saying that homes will be lost to flooding of the cruise ship terminal moves ahead.

    The reality is that no real due diligence has been carried out on the viability of a cruise terminal, Tom believes if it is built that the ships will come, my answer to this is rubbish, there is no guarantee.

    Great work to Bob Katter, he is the only politician in Australian politics today that is willing to put on the gloves and takes a swing at the bullies. He stands up for teh people and the underdog.

  4. 80% who is he kidding? ALL of the official survey results said the exact opposite, this Mayor is out of control and now resorting to fabricating blatant misinformation to try and convince who? It’s astounding to think the media aren’t putting him to the wall over his continual blurting of utter rubbish and his deliberate attempts to serve his own private agendas. This is not some local street sign or corner shop, this is the heart and soul of the city and he’s out to steal it. He’s spitting on the very community that he is employed to serve. Something has to be done!

  5. Tom Tate at it again. He can’t seem to quote a figure without blanket lying. 80% of the gold coast is NOT for a cruise ship terminal. The MAJORITY are against it as evident from the recent survey he himself had conducted.

  6. You know times are tough when, of all people, you have Bob Katter on your side.

    Let’s face it, Tom probably doesn’t expect the terminal to go ahead, it’s just a cover for the fact he wants the land rezoned (no longer public land), then he can do whatever he wants with it. I imagine it will simply end up being a giant casino.

    ANY rezoning and ANY major development of Wavebreak Island and The Spit would be a very great shame, the land must remain public and the waters remain in tact.

  7. I was there at the so called community consultation yesterday. It was just Tom trying to push his master plan while i agree that their must be a plan for the beaches, however this must include the beaches of the broad water. It is such a beautiful place and used by thousands of people every single day. At one point an elderly resident approached Tom Tate to voice his concern, rather than listening Tom Tate just tried to belittle the man in front of the media. Tom Tate is not listening to the people. It is public land and must be conserved this way for ever. I already had a strong dislike for Tom and his dictator ship like ways but after watching him speak to the elderly concerned resident in that way i truly understand he has no concern for the people at all. Lets face it he owns the ugliest building in the Gold Coast ‘the Islander’ it really brings the coast down a notch. He is a developer and only concerned about making as much money for himself in his short term as he is well aware he will not be reelected.
    Regards Nicholas

  8. Nicholas Fairbairns comment is spot on , the Islander is nothing more than a shanti town tower. It’s facade has buckled and threathened to collapse before. It is a disgrace and an eyesore for the Gold Coast but what is worse is the beligerence and dishonesty of our current Mayor Tom Tate.If he persists on claiming that 80% of Gold Coast residents are in favour of a Cruise Ship Terminal in the Broadwater he had better back that figure up or be prepared to be called to account. He was the lucky resipient of a disallusioned Gold Coast electorate who made him Mayor [ with less than 40% of the vote] when they had had enough of Ron Clarke and where the bulk of the vote was split between a number of former councillors, any number of which would have been a far better alternative. It is evident that as our current Mayor finds himself fighting a losing battle at the next election[ with 80% of people wanting him gone???] he will quickly wish to make the most of the power he has left. Councillors and Mayors come and go but the public recreational area that is the Spit must remain for the use of all….rich and poor! No CST Full Stop.

  9. Can someone from Channel 9 do some follow up on this? First of all the incorrect statement from the Mayor Tom Tate that 80% of people on the GC support a Cruise Ship Terminal at the Spit when the Council’s own recent survey showed quite clearly that this is NOT the case.

    The media is meant to not just report, but analyse any statements put to us by Council/Govt representatives, test any claims, speak to critics or opposition and establish the true facts as best they can?

    Can I ask that Channel 9 and any other media reps do this ?

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