The debate on how old children should be before they have access to mobile phones has been reignited by a so-called ‘sexting scandal’ at Gosford Selective High School.

Four year eight students could face child pornography charges after using a mobile phone to film themselves taking part in a sexual act, before forwarding the video to classmates.


  1. A, These Happened weeks ago and it is all sorted out.
    B,I Can Assure you that this is False and so is the rest of the media stories on this case.

  2. The information throughout all of the stories by the media is false.
    The school has a right not to speak about the issue, and it has been sorted out within the school and with the people involved.
    This is blown out of proportion.

  3. jayden on May 27th, 2009 6:29 am

    “most the girls at gosford like it .there get on the pills and got drunk and stoned and open there legs to more than one guys.than tape it and show everyone its yuk.so u cant blame them look at the young girl there think there lady then yell rape.there or need to wake up and respect thre bodys.”

    Firstly, learn correct grammar. You are embarrassing yourself on the internet.
    Secondly, get your facts straight. I attend this school and I can assure you, you’re wrong. You can’t make assumptions about the female population of the school because of unreliable hearsay.

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