Two telecommunications towers are drawing criticism from residents at Kyogle.

Some are concerned about the possible health impacts of one, however Telstra says there’s plenty of time for everyone to have their say.

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    As one of the concerned local residents of the Lillian Rock Telstra tower and one of the people at the rally,NBN News have only put up a tiny snippet of the issues and have focused on just the health concerns and the word cancer and made us all look like a bunch of conspiracy theorists.The health concerns are real but there is a lot more to not wanting the tower in this area.The proposed site is a gateway to and right next to World Heritage National Parks with many local residents having beautiful million dollar views of and these views will be ruined by an unsightly 50 meter tower and in turn the sale prices will drop,honestly who wants an ugly 50 meter cell tower just up the road in the middle of their National Park view,I don’t that’s for sure and the tower would be only 2kms from me in direct line of sight to the Border Ranges World Heritage National Park.Also there are too many homes way to close to the proposed site and a few of the local residents within a few hundred meters of the site have young children which is a serious health concern as there is not much data yet on the affects of cell tower radiation on children and their developing bodies,it’s just too unknown at present and the potential risk is too great when your own children are involved,no one can deny that.Also my own 10 year old daughter who doesn’t know much about any of this said to me today when she finally realized where the proposed site is as we drove past that it is a bus stop and that it really concerned her that all these children every day would be standing right next to this huge tower with radiation caution signs right next to them.There was also a study done in 2014 on real estate values dropping for homes near a tower at a rate of 15%.I would guess it would be quite a bit more in this area due to the amazing natural habitat we have that will be ruined by this proposed tower and most people move to this area for the natural beauty and to get away from the influences of the city.Also it would be harder to sell a house that has a tower very close also due to the disturbance of the natural beauty someone wants to move here for,who wants to move from the city to the bush and buy right nest to a 50 meter cell tower ? Another real concern that has been proven by an in depth study of Mount Nardi near Nimbin is the major disturbance on wildlife.You only have to visit Mount Nardi to witness that there is no animal or bird life near the towers there and you have to hike deep in to the rainforest before you start seeing or hearing any birds.The property I am on only 2kms from the site has had 120 bird species identified as well as all the other abundant wildlife here,I have grave concerns this will be affected which in return will change the whole eco system of the area.To sum up,there is a lot at stake here if a cell tower goes in here and basically Telstra have to know all this and choose to leave this area untouched,everyone I have spoken to within 2 to 3 kms from the site don’t want the tower.Telstra need to do the right thing by the residents most likely affected who clearly don’t want the tower and put a stop to this maddness.