NBN NEWS Launches podcast series

NBN News joins with Newcastle University

NBN News has launched “Local Lens” a podcast series in collaboration with journalism students from the University of Newcastle in exploring major stories from the Hunter in depth, with the NBN Reporters who investigate them.

Episode One – Local Lens – ‘Missing Girls’ 


What happened to Lake Macquarie teenagers Amanda Robinson, Robyn Hickie and Gordana Kotevski?

Amanda and Robyn disappeared in 1979. Gordana, in 1994, police have long suspected they were murdered. 

In this episode of ‘Local Lens,’  NBN News Presenter Jane Goldsmith takes us through her close coverage of the story.


Episode Two – Local Lens – ‘Disappearing Sands’ 

This episode of ‘Local Lens’ explores the issue of coastal erosion, with a particular focus on Stockton Beach, in an attempt to shed light on why our beaches are disappearing and what we need to do to stem the tide.

In ‘Disappearing Sands’ we speak to NBN News Reporter and Weather Presenter Lauren Kempe.

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