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NBN News Rewind – Episode 14

EP14 Rewind – Hectic Newcastle CBD

The NBN News archive is a visual time capsule, these 1963 scenes showing a hectic Newcastle CBD and surrounds.

Hunter Street was once dominated by people and cars, a backdrop to hectic retail activity, with footpaths filled with shoppers and day trippers to the city.

Many viewers would remember how many people filled the city on weekdays and the diverse range of retail that once lined the CBD.

Even though the urban sprawl was underway, Hunter Street was a much loved destination, part of a busy city, backgrounded by manufacturing.

From the large harbour rail yards to the fires and sparks of BHP steelmaking to large-scale fabric making – Newcastle was one busy place back then.

As this NBN news film shows, the 1963 city was once a bustling destination, these images a reminder of how much change the passing years can bring.

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