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A private emergency department opened today at Gateshead – the first of its kind in the Hunter.

Non-critical patients can self-present or request ambulance paramedics take them to Lake Macquarie Private.

It was a slow first day, but they expect to treat about 30 patients per day.

“We all know how busy public emergency departments are, and expectations of wait times are normally quite lengthy, where as coming here, we should be resourced and wait times will be minimal.”

Be warned though, there’s a $150 upfront fee.

For those with private health insurance, that’s refundable if they need ongoing care and are admitted.

Those without insurance will be treated, but may be later transferred.

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Jane Goldsmith

Jane Goldsmith is a journalist, newsreader and producer based in Newcastle and began working with NBN Television in 2001. Originally from Port Macquarie, Jane has worked in television news and radio and studied at the University of Newcastle.

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