Some surfers make it look easy.

For most of this week the surf has been a clean two to three foot. Today the swell has kicked a little and become messy making it difficult to find the good waves amongst the sloppy ones.

Todays pics taken at Diggers beach in Coffs Harbour show a visiting girl pro surfer from Japan doing her best and a local lad casually carving smooth turns all over the wonky waves on offer.

To be able to surf like this you must be able to tune into the rythm of the ocean which can change on a daily basis. Good surfers seem to have the inate ability to adjust their surfing to suit at the drop of a hat. Every surf spot around has these type of surfers who on their day surf as well as any pro, I reckon the young bloke in today’s shots is one of those .

The swell should increase again over the weekend so get amongst it, cheers, noel.