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    Richard McNicoll

    Thanks NBN for a great local news ,especially since Prime have mucked around with their format..if it ain’t broke,don’t fix it!
    However your weather presenter in the afternoons need to be told not to look constantly at the off camera monitor most of the time,it is more natural for him to follow his hand showing features.
    Maybe lowering the height of the monitor might fix the situation
    Thanks for a great local service..
    Richard McNicoll

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    Vivienne Carstens

    Hi. I am an exchange student from Germany and am living with a family in the Upper Hunter. I am concerned that Nick Hornby-Howell is not presenting the sport anymore. Has he left? I look forward to his reports every night and miss his interesting reports. Even though I am not interested in some sports, I still enjoy his comments. Please bring him back soon.

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    I was so concerned about Nick Hornby-Howell. But I am so relieved to hear him back on NBN news Tamworth.

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    Have just watched your news segment on Moree. Great to have friends like NBN promoting the district! Can’t imagine how our dedicated Mayor is feeling after that knifing. Can we send you two minutes of footage of Tamworth’s choicest spots such as you chose to accompany our Mayor’s plea for a ‘Fair Go’ in the media for Moree? And we wonder why people are so easily persuaded by distorted extremist views.

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