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After nine years of closure, a group of enthusiasts are looking to re-ignite interest in a historical attraction on the Central Coast.

Old Sydney Town once attracted over 50,000 visitors a year- while employing hundreds of locals.

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    I would love to see Old Sydney Town come back to life. I think it would be a good learning opportunity for our Children today and it would create a lot of new job opportunities for locals. BRING IT BACK :-)

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    Yay – bring it back!! used to love going to Old Sydney Town as a kid!!!!

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    The Central Coast needs such a tourist attraction to be bigger and better than the last so people can understand and appreciate our local heritage. There is a facebook group supporting its return “BRING BACK OLD SYDNEY TOWN!”

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    The Australian governments let down the people by selling off Old Sydney Town to oversea investors. The sale was a conditional Sale. The investor let Old Sydney Town run down. Old Sydney Town was not only fun entertainment but also educational. Our governments are now allowing a Chinese theme park to be built in our local area. Our children know more about other countries than our own history. The idea of Old Sydney Town needs to be revamped where it would give a more detailed portrail of our history encluding the history of the Aboriginals. Maybe not just a day visit park but a holiday theme park where people could live our history and learn to live off and with the land. BRING A REVAMPED OLD SYDNEY TOWN to our area.

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    This great facility was donated as I understand for the community and many people
    have enjoyed the educational experience provided therein. Seems a great idea to bring back such a community facility, maybe we could do organic community gardens and relive the simplicity of the past , what a great dramatic school opportunity, and I remember a couple of great concerts across the valley.back when …All lost and let go by accountants who do not understand the true value of some things… all too common story ….wonder if we really can start to get wise??

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    My wife and I were very sorry when the park closed and would support any effort to have it reopened.We remember when Mrs Rosemary Schweitzer entertained
    the patrons with her guitar.She was one of the last of the staff to be put off when the park closed..

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    It would be great to see Old Sydney Town reopen, although the damage of time to

    the buildings and the brig tied up at the warf may be iriversable, which would mean

    a complete rebuild. The historic value of such a project would hopfully offset the

    cost, as a historian I beleive it is important to have such places to teach our

    children about all aspects of our colonial past. Although like many such parkes and

    open air museums the government has allowed them to be sold off to investors

    such as Richard Chiu, who appears to be sitting on the land simply because he

    can. Ifg ther is a way the government can take control of the land maybe they

    could utilise local historians and history buffs as well as former staff to establish a

    new open air museum with the same theme. There are so many out there wanting

    to see the park re opened maybe they would volunteer their time in the endevour I

    know if the oppertunity arose I would volunteer my time in an instant.

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    Definately bring back Old Sydney Town! I loved going there as a kid. Especially when we had to dress-up. So funny.

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    Bring it back i went there as a kid and would love ta go back

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    I would lobve to see more historical parks re-open. The history of this country needs to be alive for the youth of today to taste. Electronic media has pushed them away from books and documentaries to works of fiction and gaming.

    i would love to be a part of the park and help with costuming design and upkeep…



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    I wold love to see more thi’s istoria park with lot of fun and see lots of peple, all over the park.

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    i enjoyed going to old sydney town with my children but sadly not my grandchildren . old sydney town is an assett to be enjoyed by the central coast tourists, the locals for job opportunities ., the opportunity to see trades that are quickly disappearing ,the history of our country both convicts and indeginous, the acting /miusicians etc.
    sadly the same thing happened at wauchope with timbertown but fortunately they were able to reopen that tourist attraction . hopefully the central coast can do the same.
    well done and thankyou sara and your group to raise awareness of this our national heritage.

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    i drove past this today and had no idea it even existed. was devastated to find it had been closed and that i couldnt even have a look due to the ‘no trespassing’ sign!

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