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This current rain event is coming to a close but there is still some sting left in its tail. The upper level cold pool is passing over NSW triggering more shower, rain bands and storms. This will move through over night and the cold pool will then form into a low and move away from the coast across the Tasman. A trough will still linger over NSW. With so much moisture in the ground we can expect more patchy showers to form across the weekend especially after bursts of sunshine, but the rain event will come to an end. NE swell good for surfers with be a bit bumpy. Ok for boating.

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A spectacular cloud formation dominated the Hunter sky last night, as a rare breed of thunderstorm rolled in from the south. The weather phenomenon was so striking, hundreds of residents picked up their cameras.

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Heavy early morning down pours produced up to 130mm falling Forster this morning. The heavy rain was confined to the coast. The rain in Newcastle was the heaviest the city has seen in 6 months. 50 calls were made to the SES due to flash flooding. More storms developed this afternoon stretching across the NW, the Ranges and onto the coast. Tomorrow is going to be another volatile day with extensive storm development likely. A stalled trough is going to linger over the region as a low forms over SE Australia. This is going to combine with the increased humidity and heat. The system is going to clear from the Hunter by Thursday but further north the trough is going to remain so a stormy week is ready to unfold.

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It’s been a fabulously dry start to the week with some extremely cold nights producing severe frosts inland being especially bad on the Tablelands. A shallow inland trough will help increase the cloud cover producing enough moisture to create widespread, light, patchy rain across the NW during Wed the 18th spreading across NE NSW and SE QLD overnight. That trough will move east clearing during Thursday, forming an east coast low on Friday. That low will deepen during Saturday producing some solid swell for our beaches. The SE winds will pick up speed and drive in more moisture producing coastal showers. It looks like this low is going to stall meaning it could take some time to clear from the Tasman. That will make sure the swell lingers well into next week but that also means so will the coastal …

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What’s instore for the next 48 hours? Gav has the latest. Video follows text. “Well would you look at that, we haven’t seen that for a very long time, not very often in the past summer, in fact not very often in the last two summers. That is because of two consecutive La Nina’s years. But the La Nina has officially come to an end, as we looked at yesterday, and we should see more of those clearer skies across the country. The monsoon trough is well and truly drifting back now towards the equator, across the equator and moving back into the Northern hemisphere. Then the northern hemisphere moves into it’s wet season as our top end moves into it’s dry season. Frontal activity is starting to occur, we had our first one that was the first south west …

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