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NORTH COAST SURF REPORT 12-09-08 Practice makes perfect. When someone remarked to champion golfer, Gary Player that he was a good sand bunker shot-maker his reply was,” the funny thing is, the more I practice them the better I get”. Unlike golf, the surf conditions on any given day can be like chalk and cheese. So for surfers to fully enjoy the experience, like many other sports or past times, this requires practice even when the effort to fun ratio may be non-existent. Today’s surf footage taken at Gallows in Coffs Harbour at lunchtime today, shows a young surfer emerging from winter hibernation, catching a few lefthanders all on his own. With a strong noreaster blowing and a messy 1.5 metre swell not many thought it worth while. As the warm summer weather approaches, it will be the surfers who …

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NORTH COAST SURF REPORT 15-08-08 It has been said that only a surfer knows the feeling. Anybody who has taken the plunge into the ocean knows otherwise, as that euphoric reaction envelopes your mind each time you submerge and resurface from the water. Admittedly, surfing on a board sure takes the participant to a higher level of that experince. When you think about it, waves are the result of wind blowing at strength, for a length time across the ocean’s surface. That energy then travels vast distances to the shorelines, where surfers jump aboard for the ride, sapping the energy from the wave as it rises up and charges landward to its journey’s end. You gotta feel sorry for those who have not shared in that experience. Todays pics, taken at Diggers beach around 10am shows a classic northcoast winter …

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NORTH COAST SURF REPORT 1-08-08 The surf is where the carpark is these days, judging by where most local crews are out surfing. I have heard it said when they develop a shopping centre the first priority is to build a carpark, then the shops. Maybe our shopping habits are permeating through to our surfing. Today’s pic’s taken at around 10am at Gallows in Coffs Harbour, show a small group of bodyboarders and surfers tucked into the corner where you could throw a small blanket over the lot. Down the beach a short walk away some dredging righthanders were going unchallenged. Go figure. I was informed an hour earlier the lefthanders in the corner were wedging up consistently and racing across the small bay, similar to the good old days. The swell was a solid 1.5 metres from the east …

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North Coast Surf Report 25-07-08

NORTH COAST SURF REPORT 25-07-08 “A bad day in the surf is always better than a good day at work” they say. The past few days on the North Coast have thrown up a challenge to that theory, with top daytime temps around the 15 degree mark, squally 15 to 20 knot SE winds combining with 1.5 to 2 metres of messy surf meaning only the super keen were out amongst it. Today’s footage, taken at Park Beach Coffs Harbour around 2pm, was shortly after a nice south westerly wind had kicked in, substantially cleaning up conditions and producing some decent surf for those knocking off early for the day. About half a dozen guys were on hand enjoying the 1.5 to 2 metre waves, although the better rides were proving difficult to find. This is very typical of beachbreaks …

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NORTH COAST SURF REPORT 18-07-08 Heard the one,” the older you get the better you were”. Time is a great leveller. The other morning I saw a friend’s young son getting barreled, busting airs at will, and carving magestic turns on some rather nice right hand beachies. Now I’m sure this time last year the same young bloke was struggling to link two turns together. How do they get so good so quick? They were the days……. Back to reality and today’s pics taken at Gallows in Coffs Harbour around 12:30pm today, show clean half metre waves airbrushed by a 10-15knt north wester. A few stand up guys were making the most of the righthanders down the beach, while a small pack of bodyboarders were milking the best of the wedgy lefthanders in the corner. Sunny skies, extremely clearwater and …

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