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Balloons, tinsel, streamers banned by Byron Bay Council

Balloons, confetti, tinsel and streamers will all be subject to a new decorations ban introduced by Byron Bay Council.

The ban will forbid the use of single-use decorations in all council buildings, parks, and other public areas, in order to protect native wildlife.

“We know that balloons are one most lethal types of debris impacting Australian Seabirds and other marine life including turtles, who eat burst balloons because they look like jellyfish,” Mayor Michael Lyon said.

Balloons and other single-use decorations are subject to a ban by Byron Bay Council. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“If balloons and party decorations are ending up in our oceans and waterways and causing harm to our precious marine life, we have to take strong and immediate action to stop this happening – it’s what our community expects and it’s absolutely the right thing to do.”

The ban is the first stage of a new policy on single-use packaging and materials for the Byron Shire, which came into effect on June 1 to aid waste management.

It includes all balloons including biodegradable, helium, latex and water balloons.

The ban includes includes all balloons including biodegradable, helium, latex and water balloons. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Glitter, confetti, streamers and tinsel, party poppers, glow sticks, and all other single-use party decorations, are also affected.

“The ban will impact those organising events of all shapes and sizes in our halls, buildings and parks but we will be working closely with individuals and groups to make the switch to reusable alternatives,” Lyon said.

“Many local events and venues have already taken the step to eliminate some of these items, and this is just the next phase of Byron leading the way.”

The council’s litter and illegal dumping prevention officer, Jordyn de Boer, said finding alternative decorations to celebrate an occasion would be easy.

“It’s just about changing your thinking and getting a bit creative, which I know the Byron Shire is renowned for,” de Boer said.

More information is available on the council website.


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