A 37-year-old Tamworth man has been charged for urging violence and advocating terrorism against groups of people, which he identified by race, political views and occupation.

The NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team arrested the man following an investigation into his online posts featuring nationalist and racist violent extremist messaging.

He allegedly also advocated violent acts against several Australian political leaders.

Counter terrorism first began investigating the man in September after investigators identified potential criminal offences in multiple posts on social media.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Scott Lee said the man’s allegedly criminal messages online could inspire other people to commit violent acts against members of the community.

“This man’s quantity of messages on online forums was of similar concern to the actual content of the messages – resulting in the very real fear that it would inspire someone to commit a violent or terrorist act,” he said.

NSWPF Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton said they will continue to protect people from harm online.

“The NSW JCTT monitors these activities and rhetoric as part of the commitment to protecting the people of NSW from those who seek to do us harm,” he said.

Counter terrorism said there is no ongoing threat to the community in relation to this investigation.