Christmas plans have been upended with Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, declaring the Central Coast and Greater Sydney a ‘red zone’.

People who have visited Greater Sydney are banned from entering Victoria.

If they do enter, they will be forced undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine.

Victorians who are visiting Greater Sydney have until midnight Monday to fly home to avoid hotel quarantine.

However, those Victorians will be forced to undertake 14 days of quarantine in their homes.

People in the Central Coast are advised to

– Get tested if they have any flu-like symptoms and isolate until a negative result is recorded.
– Have no more than 10 people in their homes.
– Hospitality venues, places of worships and gyms must revert to the 1 person per 4 square metres rule.
– No dancing, singing or chanting is allowed.
– A cap of 300 people in hospitality venues and places of worship
– not visit any aged care facilities.