The bushfires and smoke haze in Canberra and southern New South Wales have forced Super Rugby’s Brumbies to relocate to Newcastle for a 10-day pre season training camp.
“Newcastle’s a nice place to come up and train, today was quite humid, it’s started raining so, we just did a tough session, back up and go again this afternoon, good to be here but we’re thinking about Canberra.”
Wallaby James Slipper returned to training for the first time since the World Cup, noticing a few changes to the 2019 playing roster.
“Squad’s changed quite a bit I’ve gone from mid age to the oldest now, we’ve lost a few older boys with experience, but on the flip side we’ve brought in young players full of enthusiasm, want to have a crack.”
The Brumbies are hoping to organise an open training session at Newcastle University on Thursday morning.

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