Following her visit to the seaside suburb on Monday, Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock has granted money to the City of Newcastle to help manage Stockton’s coastal erosion.

The beach was recently declared a Significant Open Coast Location, meaning Council’s grant applications were quickly assessed and fast tracked.

The Minister approved $250,000 from the New South Wales government’s $83.6 million Coastal and Estuary Grants program for emergency works.

“Grants have been awarded for emergency sandbagging at the end of Griffth Avenue and Stone Street, and to assist with the demolition of the former North Stockton Surf Club – both actions listed in the Council’s Coastal Zone Management Plan.”

“I continue to encourage Council to investigate all potential long-term solutions for improving the degraded beach and to work with the New South Wales Government to obtain funding and implement solutions,” Minister Hancock said.

At a meeting on Thursday, the community maintains sand dredging is their preferred long-term solution.