Australians could soon be paying 10 cents more per postage stamp, following a request by Australia Post to the ACCC to increase the Basic Postage Rate (BPR).

The company is calling for the $1 stamp to be made a $1.10 stamp.

If approved by the ACCC, the change will be the first increase in four years.

Australia Post says it will help keep Post Offices open, keep posties delivering five days a week and ensure Australians everywhere can continue to access the service.

According to the government-owned corporation, the 10 cent increase would cost the average household, which regularly sends letters, less than $1.50 per year.

CEO Christine Holgate said the 60 cent price of concession stamps would be protected from the change.

Although more Australians are sending parcels, there was a 10.1% decline in letter sending in 2017/18.

“Last year our letters business lost $190 million – this is after the benefit of significant efficiency savings. It is important that we responsibly address pricing if we are to protect this important service and keep our network of community post offices open,” Ms Holgate said.