Photo via Marine Rescue Port Macquarie

Marine Rescue Volunteers from Port Macquarie are in line for an international award, having been recognised for their efforts in saving three men from a sinking vessel near Crescent Head earlier this year.

The trio were travelling onboard a 30-foot motor cruiser when it struck a reef at high speed at around 1 o’clock in the morning, with emergency services undertaking a six-hour operation to rescue the group.
“Once on scene, two crew members bravely boarded the vessel to provide first aid to the men, whose injuries included broken bones, severe lacerations and punctured lungs. When the boat began sinking, they ensured the three men escaped safely, including one with a spinal injury trapped among debris below deck,” said NSW Marine Rescue Commissioner Stacey Tannos.

All three were taken to hospital in a serious condition.

“These nine volunteers have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the Marine Rescue NSW mission of saving lives on the water, working seamlessly to save these boaters from grave danger,” Commissioner Tannos said.

The volunteers have now been recognised for their work, with the group nominated for an award at the upcoming International Maritime Rescue Federation Awards.

The winners are announced in London on September 10.