Photo: Grant McIntyre | NBN News

A pilot has escaped uninjured after making an emergency landing at Maitland Airport.

The 65-year-old pilot who was the only person on board the twin engine aircraft, was forced to circle the airport to burn off fuel, after encountering a landing gear issue.

The aircraft skidded off the runway and came to rest on grass. The left side of the undercarriage was damaged.

A layer of foam was sprayed on the aircraft after it came to rest.

The pilot walked from the aircraft to be assessed by an ambulance crew.


The pilot of a light plane is nervously circling Maitland Airport, after experiencing a landing gear problem.

The twin engine aircraft is circling the airfield burning off excess fuel, before an attempt is made to land. The aircraft’s landing gear is not fully extended.

A 65-year-old pilot is the only person on board.

The technical issue was noticed around nine this morning.

Fire and Rescue New South Wales is at the scene.

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