The teams are here, the finishing touches are being applied – the second Newcastle 500 is just over a day away.

It’s not just an exciting time for race fans – businesses are also keen to make the most of it… with some already cashing in.

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  1. I’m a fan of V8 Supercars and racing in general but the wholesale disruption to local business inside and outside the racetrack is at worst devastating at least disruptive. We have road closures on main arterial roads like King, Darby, Scott St, and industrial drive during prime business hours for cafes and restaurants etc. At least having some consistent information would help soften the blow as we could advise customers to leave earlier or how to successfully negotiate the minefield or road closures not to mention the myriad of roadworks. No sign of compensation or even a sorry from the powers that be and we have no say in the matter as all the negotiations for this event are done behind closed doors. this will be remembered come election time and I hope that the feedback from businesses is taken seriously

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