It promises to give people choice and control over their futures, but as the National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout continues, so too do stories of frustration and disappointment.

While life-changing for many participants, there are growing concerns over the planning process and lengthy delays in communicating with decision-makers.

In this NBN News feature, we highlight the struggles of one Newcastle family, as it fights for its son.

Full Statement – NDIA spokesperson

More than 200,000 Australians are now benefitting from the NDIS. Over 60,000 people are receiving supports for the very first time, including 16,802 people in the Hunter New England region.

Reflective of an insurance approach, plan funds will change as individual needs change, goals are achieved or new objectives are set. There is no direction to reduce individual plan costs.

Plans are reviewed regularly to ensure participants have enough support to achieve their goals. Participant plans will continue to reflect reasonable and necessary supports required to achieve individual outcomes.

If a participant thinks a decision made by the NDIA about them is wrong, they are encouraged to contact their local office and discuss their concern.

For participants who seek an unscheduled review of their plan, the reviewer must as soon as reasonably practicable, make a new decision. The time taken to complete a review varies, dependent on the individual’s circumstances and the complexity of their situation.

While the review occurs, the funds in the participant’s plan continue to be available to the individual.

The NDIA seeks to conduct reviews in as short a period as possible and we acknowledge this is an area that we can improve. As such, the NDIA has established a dedicated review team focusing on all reviews received by the Agency, in collaboration with the relevant regions.