A 62-year-old Newcastle man has died after a motorcycle crash four kilometres north of Ulmarra, near Grafton.

Police are urging drivers to adjust to the road conditions on Mid North Coast roads to avoid further tragedy, as the school holidays come to an end.

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  1. I was traveling myself past this very spot on my three-wheel motorcycle the following morning in driving rain only to be confronted by a 4WD coming towards me at speed trying to overtake a line of other vehicles. I had to brake and take evasive action to avoid being hit. And I’ve been overtaken by another motorcyclist traveling so fast it made my stomach turn. What are people thinking? Most people were driving to the conditions, which were the worst for driving (especially on a motorcycle) I’ve experienced in over 45 years, but some were speeding even through roadworks where visibility was not much better than 30% at times. I was traveling for business, but would not have willingly been out on the roads this week.

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