The RMS has announced it’s trialling heavy vehicle lane restrictions on the M1 for a period of twelve months.

Trucks and buses with a gross vehicle mass of more than 4-and-a-half tonnes will only be able to travel along the left two lanes from Wahroonga to Kariong.

“We’ve got over 75,000 cars using the M1 between the Central Coast and Sydney every day and this will vastly improve safety keeping trucks from moving in and out of the right-hand most lane.”

Strict penalties will be in place for those caught breaking the rules from November 1.


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  1. How about getting the police patrolling again, instead of hiding trying to trap people. That will help safety more then making trucks stick to certain lanes. The problem is the people in the right hand lane not keeping left, then frustrated motorists being force to under take. Which to my knowledge is also illegal. But the police don’t care. More revenue to be made hiding and trapping people then actually making the roads safe. This new law is only producing further revenue.

  2. Once again, blame the trucks! How about making cars do the speed limit so they are then out of the way of trucks. When a truck is limited to 100 kph and a car to 110 kph, it doesn’t take a lot to work out, get in the twp right hand lanes and do the speed limit. Cars doing 90-95 kph in the left lane at the bottom of a hill causes all sorts of bank ups and hence empty or light trucks trying to manoeuvre around heavily laden trucks, then impedes the flow of all traffic. This doesn’t even touch on the economic impact of trucks slowing down then accelerating or climbing the hills in lower gears and losing time. Remember also that truck drivers are restricted by law as to the number of hours they can work, please don’t make them waste time because you can’t drive to the limit.

  3. It should be both ways. They have put an end sign on the “trucks must use 2 left lanes” before Berowra heading south. Trucks currently disregard the signs heading south especially going up the hill from Mooney Mooney to the end sign. I had a Star Track double truck pull straight out in front of me when I was doing 110 and about to overtake him in the right lane. He was lucky to be doing about 80 where do they think you are going to go. It is constant. Often they are doing 40 or 50 and drive straight over the cars because they don’t believe they should have to wait for a gap in the traffic.

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