We’re in the middle of one the driest years on record for the whole of the state, and in drought conditions, raising a young family can hurt the hip pocket.

Those struggling to keep up with daycare bills will soon receive a helping hand, thanks to $3-million dollars of state funding announced today.

The package will go towards reducing fees and ensuring centres can stay open during the drought.


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  1. Some say “better late than never!” In this case the so called State Government [the government of the people] ie the Liberals [Because a vote for the Nationals is a vote for Liberals] waited too long and now have jumped on the bandwagon. Two Tamworth women; Sue-Ellen Wilkin and Renae Madams [the people]; have beaten the current member Kevin Anderson [National party ie Liberals] because he couldn’t be bothered to do something for the farmers whom voted for him when the problem first appeared. I assume his excuse is … I am still crossing the floor like I promised I would, BUT didn’t keep it. Why?…Were you directed by the Liberals NOT to stick up to what was right for your electorate and backed down. If our Anzacs had of backed down we wouldn’t have Anzac Day and be the proud nation that we are today.

    It pretty well sounds like to me, that it would be better to vote for anyone else than to vote in the next election for the Nationals [the Liberal party subservients]. At least, all the other candidates [ie those who are NOT Liberal/Nationals members] have gotten behind these fabulous women who have done so much for Drought stricken farmers.

    I say “Well you’ve proven to me that anyone apart from the Liberals/Nationals will work for the people of this electorate and do the right thing even if it is done locally”.

    I say vote for the real people and NOT the Liberal/Nationals. Even redneck and farmers can see that NOW in these times of trouble. Let’s face it – The Liberals will never forgive the Country Party [Nationals now] for being the dominant party of the coalition before 1945 and doing what the Liberals are doing to the Nationals now. Please, do-not vote for a coalition that is in turmoil and trying to catch up. Do it for the farmers and take on the pride of the Anzacs and fight for what is good and right. Fight for Australia.

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