They destroy fences, eat crops and compete with livestock for feed and water… Kangaroos can be a pest for those on the land.

Now, local farmers are welcoming the new changes to kangaroo management, hoping it will help their crops thrive.

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  1. Animal agriculture destroys forests, wildlife, uses vast quantities of water and results in desert conditions. Then when drought occurs we give farmers licenses to kill wildlife. Vicious cycle – and I mean vicious. This government needs a better plan for saving the planet. A move towards plant agriculture would be a great start. Protecting our wildlife too would be the best thing to do. Kangaroos cannot become a plague (it is biologically impossible) – humans however increase at plague proportions and over breed farm animals – causing this aforesaid destruction.

  2. The Killing of Kangaroos is disgusting, the real problem is the Farmers who have no regard for Wildlife and leave no land for them. Look at his paddocks, all cleared, greedy whinging pest that is what he is. There should be laws against such destruction by farmers, the real Environmental vandals. They have ruined their land, won’t even be able to sell it .

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