The state government is urging the Port of Newcastle to get on with the job, and start building the city’s long-awaited cruise ship terminal.

The project has stalled, with the port citing spiralling costs… it’s asking the government for more money.


  • The Cruise Terminal is a project being run by Port of Newcastle for the region and our community.
  • Port of Newcastle is supplying the land, the services and the berth and is running the project for the benefit of our region’s tourism industry.
  • If judged on a financial basis, even after the Government’s funding, this would still not be an economically viable project for Port of Newcastle. This is a project for the benefit of the Hunter region’s community.
  • For Port of Newcastle, it is not a commercially motivated project; it is a project that will benefit our community and help keep our State’s tourism industry competitive.
  • Cruise shipping’s contribution has been estimated at around $11-million per annum back into the region in direct and flow benefits. That roughly equates to around $1-million per vessel visit on average. The cruise terminal will allow us to grow that benefit for the region going forward.
  • In terms of the port’s shipping, cruise shipping is small, but we realise its economic contribution and value to the region and it is part of our diversification strategy.
  • We will deliver a cruise terminal – however, if additional funding is not available, we will not be able to deliver some of the iconic features such as the curved roof.
  • The additional funding being sought from the NSW Government is less than $4-million. We are working in partnership with the Government on this project and the Port’s contribution includes the land, services and project management.
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