A police officer has been left with a broken nose, after being punched in the face at Ettalong Beach on the Central Coast.

Police were called to a restaurant on Ocean View Road around 10:30 on Thursday night, where it’s alleged a shirtless man punched a senior constable in the face before running from the scene.

The 26-year-old was arrested at Woy Woy early this morning, and will face Gosford Local Court later today.


  1. why is it when police officer is assaulted they are quick to make arrest but when it come to member of the public they will do everything they can not to solve it or to make it look like your fault especially one punch knock outs,

    Seem to me police will protect themselves but not innocent bystanders in the community especially taxi drivers here on the central coast.

  2. Are you insane? That police officer was there because some lunatic was acting in a threatening manner. Perhaps the police should have ignored calls from the public and put him in a taxi? No? It seems to me that people like you will complain whatever the police do. Wake up to yourself.

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