The Environment Protection Authority has fined Hunter Water Corporation $15,000 for leaks and poor maintenance practices at its Dungog Water Treatment Plant.

The company was fined for a breach of its environment protection licence for failing to properly maintain equipment at the plant.

In May 2017, EPA officers found several pipes were suffering from contaminant build-up and corrosion and there were some leaks that if left unchecked, could potentially flow into the stormwater system.

“While there was no evidence the poor maintenance had caused actual environmental damage, the chemicals involved can be toxic in the environment and this situation posed an unacceptable risk,” said EPA Director Hunter Karen Marler.

“Hunter Water Corporation has since repaired each leak and is undertaking work to upgrade the premises.”

Hunter Water Corporation was previously convicted and fined by the Land and Environment Court last year after it pleaded guilty to four charges relating to water pollution at the Dungog Plant.