Missile attack – The U.S launches a strike on Syria. President Donald Trump giving the green light for 60 tomahawks to be fired, in response to this week’s chemical attack that killed 80 men, women and children.
Tonight the reaction from around the world including Syria.

Two teenagers arrested after a service station attendant was stabbed to death and three other people were wounded in a series of attacks near Canberra.
Reports the attack may have been terror related.

Police uncover an elaborate Green slip insurance scam that’s costing NSW drivers millions of dollars a year.

The flood disaster in Central Queensland has left Rockhampton residents with an agonising wait, unable to return to their homes until the water subsides.

Qantas flicks the switch on free wi-fi on domestic flights.

And the man famous for his insults – comedian Don Rickles – dies at the age of 90.

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