Hi there, thanks for logging on, Lobby here, sitting in for Gav.

There’s been some quality waves around this week from the Central Coast to the Gold Coast but it all dropped off to nothing today, with flat city for most of the coast.

It’s not good news for the weekend if you’re on the gold coast with the swell remaining very small – ideal for the grommies.

The good news is there’s a spike in swell on the way for the Central Coast and Hunter overnight, pushing through to the Mid North and North Coasts later on Saturday.

It’s an East South Easterly swell in the 2 to 4 foot range with a period of about 9 seconds, so it’ll deliver some nice ridable waves. The wind will be fairly strong out of the South West and that’ll be cross-shore for some beaches – so seek out your favourite breaks with a bit of southerly protection.

The water temperature has been a bit brutal in the south, down to about 16 degrees, while around the New South Wales Queensland border it’s sitting on 19 degrees.

Have a great weekend and tune in to NBN news Monday to Friday for the latest surf updates.

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