Police have cracked down on trail and quad bike riders in Lake Macquarie, issuing 11 infringement notices yesterday.

The operation was carried out in the Watagan and Onley State Forests.

Unlicensed riders, unregistered bikes, the dumping of rubbish and other anti-social behaviour was targeted.

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  1. Leave the bush riders alone and concentrate on some real crimes. When I was a kid I asked a copper if they cared about me riding in the bush and his response was “Just keep it off the roads”.

  2. Just another form of revenue raising! You don’t have to have a registered vehicle to do off road riding nd bside you CANT register a quad! It;d not road legal. Certainly police littering, but isn’t this a rangers domain to issue fines for litter. Why are police being tied up in this ? As I said they are just raising more revenue

  3. forget about the bush what about the fools riding on the road on thumpsters everywhere i seem to go i see them and yet ive never seen 1 pulled over by the cops ive been riding in the bush for 30 years and never hurting anyone atleast in other states they have recreational rego why doesnt nsw have this???

  4. Good waste of tax payer funded resources, what ever happened to insure my ride petition for rec rego?

  5. This is absolutely bull!!! It’s the idiots riding around the streets on thumpsters that are giving the responsible riders who have all the protective gear and do have consideration for other people a bad name. Allot of riders do have licence but ofcourse nsw does not have recreational rego for those who would do the right thing. As long as they are not riding on private property or roads what’s the big deal? Why waste tax payers money targeting bush riders who aren’t doing any harm and go an catch the thieves, rapists and murderers!!!Just another pathetic excuse for revenue raising!! Isn’t it better that people have a hobby rather than sitting around doing drugs, drinking or out committing real crimes!!
    Allot of big names have come out of the Newcastle area in Motorsport and those people started somewhere and that somewhere was the bush! I bet there are coppers who rode the bush when they were young! Seems in this day and age we can’t do anything, no wonder there is such a high drug and crime rate!
    We asked a officer once if we can ride the bush and he said his fine with it as long as we don’t ride on the road which is completely understandable! This subject infuriates me and allot of people I know!!!

  6. It is the kids I feel sorry for. The only legal choice they have is to join a local motocross club (if there is one) or go to a ride park all of which usually means they have to rely on their parents to pay and transport them to and from and these places aren’t always open when they want to go riding but as for the adults complaining. Grow up!!

    I am licenced and insured which the rest of you whingers are obviously not. If I have an accident with another rider and am at fault my CTP will cover their medical bills but if they are not registered and insured and at fault I am out of pocket. Get your licence, pay yout damn rego and insurace and stop thinking that you are above the damn law.

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