More than 2,000 people turned out in Coffs Harbour today to protest against the Abbott Government.

They voiced concerns about a range of issues, including the treatment of asylum seekers, coal seam gas mining and education funding.


  1. Your coverage of the March in March protests is a disgrace. There were 33 marches around Australia consisting of over 50,000 people and somehow your news crews managed to snap one photo and comment that there was over 2,000 people in Coffs Harbour.. This is ridiculous and an outrage. The people of Australia deserve to be better informed.

    We know who controls the media, your bias news won’t be tolerated for much longer.

  2. Are you two serious? Honestly? This isn’t so much a rhetorical question but hopefully a nudge in a direction towards looking at yourselves. A blackout? So are we to take it you feel this is some great anti-protest conspiracy? We finally have an intelligent Prime Minister (he is a Rhodes Scholar) who is taking some drastic action to repair the damage left by our previous government. But that’s half the problem isn’t it? While you all have enough time to run about the streets with your lack of decent education and employment, others were working hard to PAY taxes and actually be affected by these changes in a way that is responsible. The damage was what kept you lot going, in the forms of the pathetic and pointless hand-outs labour attempted to buy your votes with. Get a job, get a point, maybe get into politics, and stop waving a damned sign about and expecting the world to pile praise and attention on you because of it.

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