Confusion surrounds a partly-built resort at Anna Bay, with the site sitting idle.

There are claims the developers have gone into hiding, and concerns it will never be finished.


  1. I am unable to view this news piece

    please advise what is required for access(What happened to Burubi Beach Resort) April 16th

    • Hi Sharon,

      It seems to be working from this end, are you viewing it on a PC or a mobile device? If a mobile device is it android?

  2. I was just watching your NBN afternoon news and was disappointed with the article where a Manly league player was being interviewed. I feel the interview was unecessary as he was swearing so much that the blips drowned out his comments a. Which in my opinion didn’t seem important anyway. This sort of interview is not suitable for this time slot. It is more appropriate for a late night footy show. Thank you.

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